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Elsword Online Cheating Methods
As already mentioned there are several highly effective ways of getting around the rules in Elsword. This is one of the very few online multiplayer games (MMOs) that still uses extensive client-side processing. That means that in PvE your health, mana and damage are still processed on your PC and can therefore be manipulated, making cheats like god mode and damage hacks possible. However, we do expect this to get changed with coming updates. It I simply an old and exploitable way of doing things and will most likely not be the same in a few months. So unlimited health hacks, mp hacks and dmg hacks are possible in PvE, but there is a problem: The game includes a bunch of anti-hacking features that can ban your account permanently if they detect any code that looks suspicious. – For this very reason is indescribably important that you DO NOT use any public hacks for this game. The developers will blacklist the public hacks every few days and hundreds of people will lose their accounts. You need a private hack for Elsword in order to protect your accounts. Another way of cheating is the use of bots or auto mob killing scripts to farm experience, ED (money) and items infinitely. This game is indeed very easy to bot, since many areas feature mobs that will respawn every few seconds and can essentially be farmed forever. There are even simple macro scripts that you may be able to create for yourself. Then last but not least, there are exploits and there have been a lot of them in the history of Elsword: Duping items, bugged mobs, infinite money glitches, bugged quests, bugged raid instances, bugged dungeons ect. Essentially they are bugs in the game that can allow you to farm insane amounts of money, experience, materials and items.




Elsword Hacks – Truth and Lie
First off, there are no ED hacks, no item adders or similar. These values are processed on the game servers (nexon, gameforge ect…) and not on your PC, therefore they cannot be accessed or changed in any way. However, your health, mana and damage are currently still processed on your PC. We do anticipate that this will change soon, but at this time it is indeed possible to hack your health, mana and damange to quickly achieve what is essentially a god mode. However, this does require more than a simple Cheat Engine hack. It requires DLL injection software and there are multiple anti-cheating programs that have to be circumvented (HackShield ect…). So while it is possible, it is by no means easy to get your unlimited health hack on. Once you got it though, it is insane how quickly you can clear dungeons and farm ED and items. It also has to be pointed out that while there are certain free hacks available for this game, they will put your account in considerable danger. – The problem hereby is that these free trainers are publicly accessible and therefore can be downloaded not only by you, but also the people trying to get you banned. So these people knowing the exact code and method applied, makes it easy for them to ban hundreds and thousands of cheaters. So if you have invested a lot of time and resources into your account, you will not want to use any public software here. Find a private hack. While private hacks are usually paid, they are hidden from the devs and therefore almost never get detected.




Elsword Farming Bots – Easier than other Games
If you have ever used a bot to farm in any MMO before, then you may have noticed that Elsword Online is the perfect game to bot, period. Most of the open world “levels” are full of mobs that respawn constantly and can be tanked for days and farmed by simply mashing 2 buttons no matter what class you are. While you will probably want to do raids or dungeons to get better equipment, farming mobs in the open world is the easiest way to get lots of money and level up. So how do you bot these mobs. Well there are multiple possibilities and it really depends on how save you want to play it. Do you want everyone that sees you to know that you are botting? Or would you rather hide your activity? Bot will be noticed more as you get higher level and the players around you get more experienced. And do not forget that these can definitively report you for cheating any you may lose your account. So if you want to play it safe, then go for a bot that actually has some AI behind it and can “act like a human player”: Performing legit combos, jumping between levels, picking up loot ect. These bots are all paid, since the need a developer team behind them to keep them up to date. Chances of getting detected on a paid bot are around 5% f what they are using random macros. – Which leads us to the 2nd method: Mouse and Keyboard Macros can be used to randomly mash your attack keys and abilities in order to automatically farm mobs. This is astonishingly effective for the randomness that is included. If you want to know more, then check out our tutorials section. No matter what scripts you use to farm, do make sure that you are not running our farming software more than 16h per day. Everyone needs sleep and if you don’t, you are probably a bot and will get banned soon. Best classes to farm higher level mobs are the tanky ones (Chung all 3, Grand Master, BM)

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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